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This is an incredible way to participate in Cryptocurrency with almost zero risk. You have nothing to invest in. Just utilize your laptop or pc and let it run. This program is virus-free. Receive free Bitcoin just for downloading this program for the first time! And let it run! This incredible program has been VIRUS FREE for over 8 years now. We have been using this since 2017.

You are going to GET FREE BTC (Bitcoin) Just for Downloading This Program for the First Time!

NOTE: The more we see that Bitcoin (BTC) is being utilized and growing, the more we are in absolute love and wonder with this program. This program allows you to use your PC or laptop to mine cryptocurrency when you’re not using it. You can use up to five devices per account.

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  • This program costs you nothing to participate in. It is absolutely Free to Get Set Up.
  • After more than 8 Years of use we know it to be completely LEGIT, TRUE and REAL. We were connected from the beginning of this Company and Program and watched them perform amazing things to help share the Cryptocurrency with the Members.
  • Very Easy to Use. And to control. You can turn it off or disable it at anytime. You can run it optimally for your needs. You can run it optimally for your needs. And when you are not using your Computer you can have it running as much as possible. Earning more and more mBTC.
  • NOTE: You may have issued with your Anti-Virus and/or Malware Software or Programs not allowing the install of this Program. You will need to see the Troubleshooting Below. You will most likely need to turn off or disable your Program to load this incredible program. Or you will need to add an exception for this program with your Software. And it is Well Worth It.
  • This is a Program that is Very Real. You are about to see how a 64 Bit Operating System (Windows) PC/Laptop can Mine Cryptocurrency in a Share with All Process. NOTE: If you are not a PC or Laptop User. Maybe you do not even own a Computer. You can still participate. Enroll and use the Referral Link to share with Others. You can access your account from your Smartphone to Request your mBTC Rewards!
  • Bill Gates and several other Financial Experts have been predicting Bitcoin to go upwards (or higher) than $1Million per Coin. Each Bitcoin is able to break down to 100,000 Bitcoin units. Referred and called satoshis (sats for short). When using this program it is measured in mBTC. 1000 satoshis is 1 mBTC. therefor, in looking at this Program and how it works, you are earning satoshis as your PC/Laptop are running the Program.
  • For every 1 mBTC you have you have 1000th of the BTC Value in your Wallet. So let’s say BTC is at $100K. Then we are talking $100 per 1 mBTC. Also a great number to keep the Math Simple. If you earned and received 50 mBTC by running this Smart Miner Program; That would be 50 times 100 or $5k. If BTC was to go 10 times that to $1Million per BTC then your 50 mBTC would be $50k.

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We know this is Real. And you are welcome to CONTACT US for more details as well. Though this is Not a Virus. This is exactly what we explained it to be above. It is not the mistaken program that Anti-Virus programs claim it to be. We appreciate the use and watchful eyes those programs have, but this is REAL and you will need to disable your AntiVirus and/or Malware Detection or make an Exception for this Program in order to get it to work.

If your antivirus software is blocking you from loading this program and getting free bitcoin, you should you do a Google search on “how can I load a program that gets blocked by my antivirus?”, The search results will provide you with detailed instructions. The more specific you are about your Anti-Virus Program, (or Malware if that is causing you not to be able to Install This Program) the better the Search Results will guide you.

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